ZOVAM EUROPE  operates for over 10 years in the field of anesthetic gases/ agents and thermal comfort  monitoring inside operating rooms.

ZOVAM EUROPE supply monitoring equipments and,  through its specialized technical staff, provides the continuous H24 monitoring service of anesthetic gases and vapors inside operating rooms.
Through use of high-precision instrumentation, ZOVAM EUROPE detects in real time the minimum and max values, average, standard deviation, as well as the quantitative measure of anesthetic gases and vapors used into operatingrooms.

Through dedicated software installed on server pc,  ZOVAM EUROPE stores, transfers, analyzes and extrapolates graphics useful to view over time a single or more gas / vapor anesthetics. This allows to continuously monitor the quantity of gas / vapor present in each operating room and to take prompt action in case of failure.

As advocated by ISPESL Guidelines ed. 2009, is very important the continuous monitoring of gases and anesthetic agents to prevent pollution in the operating room, assess the risk of exposure and the actions to be taken in order to ensure the health of operators into operating rooms.