ZOVAM EUROPE is also involved into air quality monitoring in cleanrooms and thermal conditions monitoring of operating rooms

Using instrumentation certified and qualified personnel according to  standards requirements,  ZOVAM EUROPE offers the service of particle monitoring and control of bacteria, in order to assess both degree of air classification and bacterial load inside the operating room.

ZOVAM EUROPE performs ventilation, differential pressure and temperature-humidity control

The control of the ventilation provides, through the positioning of detection sensors in the aspiration ducts and intake, the continuous and  accurate assessment of number of hour/air exchange  inside each operating room. This control allows to constantly check H24 the number of air exchange  and take prompt action in case of anomalies.

The control of the pressure difference, effective method to eliminate or at least reduce the risk of contagion, has the aim to create a pressure gradient (positive or negative) so that the air flows from the clean zones toward those with higher contamination to prevent the spread of charges infectious. The system, through use of sensors placed in close proximity of entrance of operating room, put in the conditions to operate in the best possible way.

Control of temperature-humidity, through use of sensors placed at strategic points of the operating rooms, allows to evaluate the environmental thermal conditions and intervene promptly in order to ensure proper thermal comfort.

The supplying of instruments and services for gas and anesthetic agents monitoring, particulate and microbiological monitoring of clean rooms are performed in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 of which ZOVAM EUROPE owns the relevant certificates.